Site Number Eastings Northings Key Word Dimensions (L x W in Metres) Orientation Notes
MBG1 115299 896467 Structure 10 x 6   Blackhouse. Stone and turf in construction. Stands to approximately 5 courses/1m in height and wall thickness 1.5m. Entrance located in south wall. Enclosure on south side extends to sea edge and measures 13 x 13m. It stands to a maximum of 2 courses and is reveted into hillside at its base
MBG2 115309 896447 Quay+Enclosure 4 x 2   Man made quay lying at bottom of enclosure. May have had earlier slipway next to it
MBG3 115299 896440 Structure 10 x 5   Blackhouse. Stone and turf in construction. Stands to approximately 9 courses/1.5m in height and wall thickness 1.5m. Entrance located on north east wall. Modern concrete slipway located near this feature
MBG4 115321 896475 Quay+Slipway+Noost 10 x 3.5   Quay, slipway and noost alongside reveted wall
MBG5 115367 896464 Platform     Platform made of arranged, reveted stones which form a flat working area. Stone wall runs along the front of this feature. Smaller stones in the centre with larger stones around the outside. Could possibly be modern.
MBG6 115400 896493 Lazybed 30 x 20   Area of cultivation
MBG7 115464 896586 Quay+Slipways 10 x 6   Quay with double and single slipways divided by stone wall. Smaller slipway measures 10 x 4m. Modern fishing debris including a fish farm pen and pier
MBG8 115573 896513 Enclosure 30 x 20   Large stone and turf enclosure. Wall height 1.25m and wall height 1.5m and 6 courses
MBG9 115569 896463 Structure 10 x 4   Blackhouse built of stone and turf. Wall height maximum 1.5m and wall thickness 1m. Structure has collapsed and is heavily overgrown with turf
MBG10 115582 896474 Lazybed 80 x 40   Large area of cultivation which runs from edge of MGB8 and MGB9 down to the sea.. Two drainage channels run through the cultivation but these could be modern
MBG11 115684 896505 Wall 6m in length E/W Possible breakwater/jetty. Full extent unclear due to high tide. Could be related to MGB13
MBG12 115685 896483 Structure 2 x 1   Small drystone structure. One wall makes use of natural rock. Possible drying hut
MBG13 115703 896471 Wall 10 x 1.5 E/W Possible breakwater. Could be related to MGB11
MBG14 115694 896464 Enclosure 50 x 16   Three standing walls with the fourth being reveted into the hillside at a lower level. Drystone in construction. Walls stand to maximum of 1m and 5 courses in height. Much of the structure has collapsed.
MBG15 115687 896473 Foundations 10 x 4   Concrete foundations possibly for a timber structure with a corregated iron roof. Runs adjacent to the enclosure wall. Predominantly concealed by turf
MBG16 115705 896439 Jetty+Double slipway     Jetty measures 18 x 1m and is located on the north side of the double slipway. Slipway measures 18 x 11m running to another breakwater wall
MBG17 115702 896419 Slipway+Platform 4m in width   Length unknown due to high tide. Semi-circular reveted platform present on the south side and a flat area, measuring 6m, is also present further south
MBG18 115698 896376 Structure 11 x 6   Blackhouse. Wall thickness 1m and wall height is 1.25m and approximately 6 courses. An internal compartment is present at the northern end, measuring 3 x 2m. Entrance is located on the north east side
MBG19 115656 896416 Structure 17 x 6   Stone and turf structure with some mortar present. Wall height 1.5m and 8 courses and wall thickness 1m. Raised stone and concrete platform is present at the northern end and a concrete basin stands adjacent to this which is possibly an animal  feeding basin. Entrance is located on the south side
MBG20 115719 896372 Wall 20 x 1   Stone built wall. Wall height is 1m. Forms a harbour area with MBG16, enclosing MGB17 and the platforms detailed above
MBG21 115739 896354 Slipway 14 x 2    
MBG22 115748 896350 Slipway+Noost 14 x 2   Slipway with adjacent noost
MBG23 115886 896328 Structure 4 x 2.5   Drystone in construction. Wall height 0.5m. Much of structure has collapsed. To the south there is another stone and turf structure of approximately the same dimensions and there may also be a larger blackhouse enclosing the two. As much of the stone has been robbed this is uncertain
MBG24 115863 896316 Structure 10 x 10   Drystone and turf in construction. Possible garry or raised enclosure. Wall height 1.5m and 7 courses
MBG25 115877 896264 Structure 13 x 7   Drystone and turf in construction. Wall thickness 2m and wall height 1.75m and maximum of 10 courses. A concrete feeding basin and a possible annex, measuring 3 x 2.5m, are also present in the south east end
MBG26 115886 896248 Structure 12 x 7   Drystone and turf construction. Possible 2/3 internal compartments at the north west end, standing to 2 courses in height and constructed from small stones
MBG27 115929 896227 Slipway 10 x 4    
MBG28 115972 896215 Enclosure 28 x 25   Stone and turf enclosure
MBG29 115990 896209 Enclosure 18 x 17   Stone and turf enclosure. Runs adjacent to and shares a wall with MDG28. Possible feeding trough within this area, comprising of a single course of small stones
MBG30 115963 896179 Structure 8 x 4   Stone and turf structure. Wall thickness 2m and wall height 2m
MBG31 116019 896158 Slipway+Quay 15 x 15   Double slipway with walls on each side and a quay. The quay measures 3 x 3m
MBG32 116035 896172 Correl 1 x 1 NE-SW Correl stone wall cutting across the bay. This feature allowed fish to be caught once they had been swept over the wall
MBG33 116027 896323 Structure 10 x 4   Blackhouse. Drystone in construction. Wall height 1m but this is approximate as feature is reveted into hillside
MBG34 116017 896341 Slipway 20 x unknown width S Well preserved slipway consisting of 2 walls approximately 3-4 courses and 1m in height
MBG35 115992 896360 Quay 12 x 4   Triangular shaped quayside built from large boulders which form a platform/working space. Wall height 3-4 courses. Possible revetment and walkway up to blackhouse MBG49
MBG36 115973 896380 Slipway 10 x 4   Possible slipway. Dimensions unclear as it is covered in seaweed.
MBG37 115968 896376 Quay 12 x 4   Triangular shaped with rounded end
MBG38 115933 896400 Slipway 25 x 4   Well preserved slipway. Walls 1.75m and 4-5 courses in height. Opens out on side furthest from sea to form large flat area surrounded by walls which are 2m high. A lot of fishing debris including a wrecked timber fishing boat is present in this area
MBG39 115872 896626 Slipway+Noost 15 x 2    
MBG40 116005 896517 Lazybed     Area of cultivation
MBG41 115995 896595 Structure 17 x 6   Blackhouse. Wall height 1.5m and 8 courses. Wall thickness 2m. Small outbuilding is present to the south. Sheltered bay located to north containing MBG41
MBG42 115965 896620 Slipway+Jetty Wall 20 x 5   Jetty wall thickness 1.5m and 2 courses high
MBG43 116066 896479 Structure 10 x 6   Small stone structure. Maximum height of 2.5m with a corregated iron roof. One doorway and two windows are present
MBG44 116066 896467 Structure 6 x 2.5   Small stone structure. Wall thickness 1m. Squared at one end and semi-circular wall at other
MBG45 116049 896449 Structure     Well preserved stone and mortar rectangular building with corregated iron apexed roof. S emi-circular enclosure wall surrounding it and a small derelict stone structure to the south east. Associated cultivation on all sides
MBG46 116043 896439 Structure 11 x 5   Blackhouse. Wall height 1m and maximum wall thickness 1m. Semi-circular enclosure to west which joins the walls of the blackhouse
MBG47 116001 896420 Quarry Pit 5 x 5    
MBG48 115964 896410 Complex of Structures 11 x 5   Comprises of a blackhouse foundations covered with turf with a small compartment which stands to 1m and 4-5 courses in height. To the north is a small square structure surviving to a height of 1.5m with the doorway still intact and a trackway made of placed bedrock stones along the edges. To the south is two further turf structures representing earlier phases of occupation.
MBG49 115979 896388 Structure 10 x 5   Blackhouse. Wall height 1.5m and 9 courses. Door in situ. Small enclosed square garden associated with modern house and a pathway leading to a slipway and MBG35
MBG50 116065 896343 Trackway   N/S Leads away from complex of structures MBG48+49. Filled in with small stones on one side and utilises bedrock where possible. End of trackway NG116092 896291
MBG51 116116 896180 Lazybed 50 x 30   Area of cultivation
MBG52 116086 896072 Platform     Remains of metal platform in centre of the bay. Modern but may have been used earlier. Coordinates are approximate as remains are inaccessible in the water.
MBG53 116086 896072 Platform 10 x 3   Stone reveted platform at Port nan Geilltean