Site Number Eastings Northings Key Word Dimensions (L xW in Metres) Orientation Notes
SPY1 122774 894892 Burials?     3 (or 4?) standing stones, said locally to be shipwreck graves. Possibly others nearby. Geophysical survey (resistivity) showed no obvious anomalies around stones
SPY2 122801 894796 Trackway     Leading from shore. Associated quayside
SPY3 122786 894787 Lobster Pond     Lobster pond with another on the other side. See also SPY60
SPY4 122574 894885 Dyke   E/W Start of ditch and dyke enclosing field system. At W end of wall it is one course /0.4m high. Stone faced on S side. Wall continues E along top of foreshore as an earth bank (NG22595 94871, NG22601 94858) with ditch on S side, up to 0.6m deep. Field system of lazybeds to S of dyke. Upstanding dyke ends at NG22657 94836, but ditch continues to E limit of field system at NG22707 94757. Traces of N/S fence seperate field system from rough grazings beyond, terminating at NG22480 94575
SPY5 122636 894855 Structure 3 x 3   Possible turf building. No stone present, but N wall up to 0.30m high
SPY6 122756 894722 Quay+Slipway 8.5 x 4.5   Drystone in construction. Quay becomes narrower at E end
SPY7 122838 894689 Shelter 1.7 x 0.7   Rock shelter. Large natural boulder with hollow underneath and slight walling. Measurements refer to internal compartment size which stands at 1.1m high
SPY8 122757 894614 Slipway 30-40 x 10   Possibly natural. Measurements are approximate
SPY9 122741 894802 Lazybeds     Area of cultivation 9m deep. Continues to NG22701 94583
SPY10 122550 894481 Burials? 8.5 x 4 NW-SE Low grassy mound in natural defile, believed locally to be site of shipwreck burials. Oval in shape and 0.3m high
SPY11 122568 894476 Wall+Slipway 10.5m in length   Remains of rough drystone wall. Encloses east end of defile. Traces of walling to west end of area at NG22555 94475, which measure 2m in length. Has been subsequently fenced. Apparently pre-dating grassy mound at point where defile widens out. Slipway at W end of defile measuring approximately 12m wide and 100m long
SPY12 122558 894474 Shelter 1.5 x 1.25   Small square stone structure against S side of defile. Mostly collapsed. Doorway in N wall
SPY13 122471 894772 Structure     Blackhouse. Predecessor to present croft house with SPY14+15. Has doorway and at least one window in W wall. S half retained as shed with inserted drystone wall
SPY14 122461 89477? Structure     Blackhouse outbuilding. Possibly a byre with drainage ditch to the west
SPY15 122449 894777 Mast     Metal mast from Gold Gulf Star, washed ashore in 1997
SPY16 122356 894766 Shelter     Natural shelter
SPY17 122305 894663 Platform 20m in length   Large mound with small stones embedded in W side and platform to W
SPY18 122188 894786 Noost 7.5 x 4   Large, stone-lined boat noost. Recessed rectangular area in centre
SPY19 122170 894774 Quay 19.5 x 2.5   Drystone quay edged with large boulders up to 1m high. Seabed area adjoining has been cleared of stones
SPY20 121947 894870 Steps 1.5 x 1.35   Drystone steps and walled path. Access to Oir Eilean. Zig zags up slope
SPY21 121941 894936 Peat Cuttings     Peat cuttings next to modern shed
SPY22 122195 895114 Stone Setting     Sub-peat stone setting. Only prehistoric site? Comprises of 5 boulders forming a crescent 6.7m long. Largest stone 0.85 x 0.8m, smallest 0.25 x 0.25m
SPY23 122435 894875 Slipway 4m wide NW-SE Cleared slipway with traces of quays either side. Path access to settlement
SPY24 122448 894888 Quay 2 x 4   Modern concrete access to shore leading to quay. Overlies earlier version.
SPY25 122390 894923 Quayside     Earlier line of road/quayside
SPY26 122398 894921 Noost 10m in length   Boat noost at end of slipway which is still in use. Edge built up with stone and tyres
SPY27 122418 894935 Scattered Artefacts     Scattered marine artefacts washed up on rocky shore
SPY28 122395 894964 Structure 3.5 x 2.9 NW-SE Small rectangular drystone building close to causeway. Built on steep slope on the high water mark. Wall thickness 0.75m. Front wall up to 1.6m in height
SPY29 122411 894967 Causeway Maximum width 2.7m   Causeway to small islet. Islet has extensive peat cutting and lazybeds on east side. Only visible at very low tide
SPY30 122389 895048 Islet     Tidal islet with lazybeds, upturned boats, old lobster pots and pegs for tying up
SPY31 122348 895095 Oar     Remains of oar
SPY32 122327 895154 Jetty     Double slipway used by two boats with central jetty. Tying up points along the shore
SPY33 122387 895178 Noost 15 x 2.4   Boat noost and slipway ahead of inlet with stone quay and mooring ropes
SPY34 122408 895190 Quay 3 x 0.9   Wide double quay at heart of inlet with stone jetty. Wall height 0.90m. Quay face up to 0.95m. Several wooden masts in vicinity
SPY35 122718 895008 Structure 10.9 x 4.35 E/W Blackhouse with one gable and fireplace in W gable. One doorway with lintel and 2 windows in S wall. Wall height 1.8m and wall thickness 1m. Adjacent byre or storehouse measuring 5 x 3.4m internally. No windows but door located in S wall. Wall thickness 1.4m. Stone path leads out from doorway into well preserved jetty which measure 2m wide and 1.1m in height and tapers towards the sea. Cleared area on either side
SPY36 123045 895140 Structure 6.6 x 3.4 NW-SE Small blackhouse close to watercourse. Doorway and one window in NE wall. No evidence of fireplace. Wall thickness 1.45m and wall height 1.45m. At NW end is footing for small annex, a further 2.2m long. The whole building sits inside the footprint for an older, larger house. Larger blackhouse lies adjacent and is E/W aligned. W end buried under modern road, widening above. 8 x 4.3m internally and wall height 1.35m
SPY37 123007 895162 Quay     Small quay associated with houses. Located 8m to west of SPY36. Quay faces with small haven enclosed by two small stone jetties, one heightened with stonework encased in wire netting. Only visible at low tide
SPY38 123035 895124 Wall     Stone wall. Wall height 1 course. Runs from shore towards SPY36
SPY39 122973 895067 Jetty 4 x 2.5   Remains of small drystone jetty. Projects from shore. Still used for mooring. Another adjacent
SPY40 122956 895035 Quay 5 x 3.5   Remains of quayside which is poorly preserved. Parallel to shore
SPY41 122891 894995 Quay 3.5 x 3   Remains of quayside parallel to shore. Edged with boulders but stone surface of quay has eroded
SPY42 122840 894920 Quay   NW-SE Remains of double quay with central stone jetty at head of inlet. Poorly preserved. Two slipways seperated by tapered stone jetty, 2m wide towards end. NE slipway 2.2m wide, c. 2.5m long with traces of stone quay face 1.8m wide on NE side. SW slipway of similar dimensions. Immediately adjacent to SPY43
SPY43 122803 894881 Slipway 3.5m wide N/S Single slipway with stone quayside. Better preserved stone quay face on W side up to 0.8m high. Two old upturned boats measuring 4.5m and 4.9m in length
SPY44 122727 894914 Quay 15 x 3.5   Parallel to shore. Similar to SPY41
SPY45 122727 894914 Noost?     Natural boat shaped recess
SPY46     Quay 6-7m wide   Large double quay with central jetty. Small slipway still in use and is 7m wide. Larger one has rusting wreck and is 15m wide. Situated immediately opposite SPY42+43
SPY47 122902 895084 Quay 1.3m wide   Quayside and secondary jetty. 1.4m in height. Slipway to NE side of jetty measuring 2.8m wide. Traces of badly preserved stone facing on other side
SPY48 122799 895029 Jetty 10 x 2.6 NW-SE Remains of tapered drystone jetty. 1m in height with cleared areas of either side
SPY49 122746 895008 Structure 12.3 x 4.5 N/S Large blackhouse. Doorway and three windows in E wall. Two gable end fireplaces. Walls survive to eaves level, 1.7m high. Wall thickness 1.05m. Extending from rear of house, a stone-built path opens out to a quay measuring 10.3m wide and 4-5m long
SPY50     Lazybeds     Adjacent to structure SPY49
SPY51 122624 894957 Quay 7m wide   Quay, parallel to the shore. Wall height 3-4 courses/1-1.5m. Traces of 2 jetties which are badly collapsed
SPY52 122798 895098 Structure 2 x 0.7   Remains of small building underneath modern road. Thin stone walls
SPY53 121960 895189 Stone Feature 1.5 X 1 E/W Area of exposed stones. Possible post socket 1m west. Exposed area contains remains of a metal pulley
SPY54 121941 895153 Stone Feature 0.9 x 0.6   Cut feature. Stone faced. Exposure in the shore line
SPY55 121948 895157 Stone Feature 3 x 2   Rectangular area of stones with grass overlay and set timber.
SPY56 121992 895177 Marine Artefacts     Metal hooks and pulley attached to rocks
SPY57 122655 895001 Stone Feature 8 x 6   Stone faced on south side. Adjacent to SPY58
SPY58 122659 894992 Quay 6 x 2   Stone faced. Maximum height 1.4m
SPY59 122633 894968 Platform 7 x 2   Reveted stone platform
SPY60 122602 894945 Lobster Pond 10 x 4   Long walls 1m thick. End walls 1.5m thick. Stone faced on inside. 1.5m in height. See SPY3
SPY61 122523 895049 Slipway 14 x 2   Natural rock on landward side
SPY62 122542 895076 Dyke 1m wide   Boundary dyke extending to NG22513 95076. Stone and turf construction. 1m high and 1m wide
SPY63 122517 895051 Enclosure 4 x 2   Formed by reveted stones. Possible continuation of boundary dyke. Maximum height 0.9m
SPY64 122513 895070 Quay+Noost     Stone quay 2 x 14m, height 1.2m. Noost 7 x 8m, maximum depth 1m
SPY65 122502 895111 Structure 13 x 6   Structural remains, mostly grass covered
SPY66 122523 895118 Structure 8 x 4   Structural remains. Surviving height of 1.2m. Partition wall in centre
SPY67 122482 895111 Steps     Concrete steps
SPY68 122324 895529 Slipway 60 x 4   Rocks piled either side to approx height of 1m
SPY69 122252 895623 Quay+Slipway 20 x 7   Adjunct of 4m at seaward end to act as breakwater. Max surviving height 1.5m
SPY70 122146 895602 Quays+Slipways     Pair of adjoining slipways. East slipway 2 x 19 with maximum surviving height of 1m with rough stone facing edge. West slipway 1.5 x 20m and 1m in height
SPY71 122122 895613 Wall 5 x 1.5   60cm in height. Possible causeway
SPY72 122098 895699 Structure 16 x 6   Blackhouse. Structural foundation. Surviving height 1.3m. Uses existing rock material
SPY73 122100 895728 Structure 5 x 4   Height 1.2m. Overgrown and dilapidated
SPY74 123047 894743 Structure 8 x 8   Small collapsed blackhouse. Wall width 1m. Situated in small inlet of Bagh Ceann Na Muice. Nearby area of cultivation 20 x 50m
SPY75 122691 894841 Slipway 8 x 3.5   Slipway with rounded grassy landward end
SPY76 122778 894774 Lobster Pond 9 x 4.5   Drystone construction. South of another lobster pond on other side on inlet. 1m wall width, 1m in height
SPY77 122464 895171 Jetty+Quayside     Drystone construction. Jetty 2 x 16m, Quayside 3 x 81m. 2m in height
SPY78 122467 895187 Structure     Drystone construction. Two rooms measuring 6 x 6m with mortar on inside. Nine courses and 1.5m high. Partition wall to south has annex. Jetty may have extended to building. May have had timber roof as a lot of timber remains within the building. Northern annex is 4 x 6m
SPY79 122471 895206 Structure 10 x 5   Drystone and turf construction. 3 compartments. South compartment re-used as log shed. Wall height is 1m.
SPY80 121850 895973 Structure 8 x 5.5 E/W Rectangular stone structure with one internal compartment measuring 2 x 3m on south side of building. Wall thickness is 0.80m.
SPY81 121837 895968 Quay+Slipway 14 x 7   Double slipway with quayside wall and anchor points. 3 courses high. Wall thickness 1m
SPY82 121877 895881 Peat Cuttings 15 x 5    
SPY83 121918 895872 Lazybeds 48 x 21 S/SW Small bridge attached at top of field. Ridge and furrow runs perpendicular to coastline
SPY84 121416 896478 Islet 10 x 2.5   Earthfast wooden post present. Flattened area of stone
SPY85 121356 896483 Slipways 50 x 15   Terminates in three smaller noosts/slipways at north western end. Northern slipway 5m N/S, 21m E/W. Central slipway 4m N/S, 18m E/W. Southern slipway 5m N/S, 20m E/W
SPY86 121369 896400 Quays+Slipways+Noosts     North slipway 4 x 5m on seaward side with stone facing on both sides. Noost with grass overlay above 2m x 5m. Southern slipway 2m wide with L-shaped adjunct measuring 3m x 5m. Jetty, which is still in use, lies between these features and measures 10 x 15m. Metal objects and wooden post for mooring present.
SPY87 121400 896307 Quay? 8 x 1.5   Loosely built of large stones. 0.75m  in height. Near clear area measuring 15 x 20m
SPY88 121174 895633 Slipway 20 x 2.5   Natural slipway. Opens out towards the sea and defined by loose stone walling measuring 3m long, standing height 0.60m
SPY89 121149 895679 Quay+Slipway 16 x 3   North side reveted with large stones, approximately 5m in length, riveting loose stones to north to form platform measuring 2 x 5m
SPY90 121105 895749 Quay+Slipways 15 x 3   Double slipway with north one still in use. Earlier slipway now weed covered measures 6 x 13
SPY91 121204 895668 Boat     Bow of seaweed covered boat. Visible 5m above water and rocks
SPY92 121258 895672 Slipway 5 x 3.5   Seaweed covered. Height 0.60m
SPY93 121322 895656 Causeway 11 x 2   Loose wall of lined stones. Height 1m. Built in 2 phases, with the tallest phase being near the water
SPY94 121348 895670 Quay+Slipway 20 x 10   Mostly natural but reveted with stones on south side for 4m to produce quay. Maximum surviving height 0.75m
SPY95 121418 895652 Slipway 15 x 5   Mostly natural but reveted by stones on north side
SPY96 121378 895569 Lobster Pond 12 x 10   Drystone at base and smaller stones and cement on top. Situated between inlet and lagoon. Cement wall built on end measuring approx 20m in length. Internal depth 2.5m
SPY97 121471 895864 Slipway 9.5 x 2.75   Natural channel present behind feature draining into the sea
SPY98 121515 895985 Slipway 21 x 3   Makes use of natural geology
SPY99 121455 896241 Platform 3 x 2   Concrete platform. Possibly for a jetty. Anchor points and ropes also present
SPY100 121230 895773 Structure 8 x  5.5 N/W Small blackhouse made from large stones. Walls stand to maximum of 3 courses and 0.75m. South wall reveted into hillside and stands 12 courses. Wall thickness 1.5m. Associated features are SPY101, SPY102, SPY103 and modern concrete platform to N/W
SPY101 121214 895768 Slipway 7 x 3.5   Single slipway with possible larger adjacent slipway is inaccessible due to water levels.
SPY102 121205 895778 Structure 4 x 3   Reused stone structure bonded with mortar and modern roof
SPY103 121242 895780 Structure 10 x 5   Larger blackhouse constructed of large stones covered in turf. Wall height 1m and a maximum of 3 courses and wall thickness 1m. Contains internal compartment measuring 1.5 x 2m
SPY104 121254 895768 Slipway+Noost 14 x 3   Slipway with adjoining noost. Noost measures 2 x 2m
SPY105 121328 895543 Lobster Pond 18 x 5 N/S Drystone and mortar construction. Wall height 2m. Remains of older tank to north measuring 3.5 x 11m. Material from older tank possibly used to construct newer one.
SPY106 121009 895807 Slipway 50 x 20   Natural slipway with wall riveting to SW
SPY107 121220 895956 Structure 9 x 5 S/W Blackhouse. Wall height 0.75m and a maximum of 4 courses and wall thickness 1m. Area of cultivation to SW.
SPY108 121206 895920 Enclosure 14 x 11   Turf lined enclosure
SPY109 121257 896169 Slipway+Noost+Wreck 25 x 5   Stone lined slipway and noost with accompanying wreck. Wreck measures approximately 16m. The boat  was named Silver Hope and was a prawn and creel fishing vessel. It was owned by "The Welsh Man". The vessel was beached 28 years ago after it became stuck on a reef and was subsequently plundered by the local people.
SPY110 121407 896469 Slipway 14 x 10   Stone built slipway with modern concrete layer on top
SPY111 121050 896421 Slipway 16 x 15   Natural slipway. Lines of rocks to south measuring 10m in length and 0.35m in height
SPY112 121013 896603 Structure 12 x 5 W Blackhouse. Wall thickness 1.5m and maximum surviving height 1m.
SPY113 121001 896605 Slipway 4 x 2   Faced slipway. Line of stones measuring 10m in length to the south
SPY114 120882 897000 Slipway 30 x 15   Natural slipway with stone facing. Hidden under seaweed
SPY115 120946 897002 Slipway 10 x 15   Linear feature which clearly defined slipway. Maximum surviving height of less than 0.60m. Slipway to west and large boulder in centre.
SPY116 121090 897018 Archway 8 x 4   Concrete foundations with archway to N/W. Archway is under 2m in height and has metal skeleton. Steps leading downwards with wall at base, perpendicular to the steps and measuring 26m in length.
SPY117 121158 896958 Jetty 9 x 1.5   Stone jetty with standing height of 0.90m. Adjacent stone platform to west reveted into hillside with stone steps leading to top of cliff
SPY118 121214 896905 Jetty 14 x 1.5   Stone jetty constructed from large boulders and standing to 3 courses (1.5m) high
SPY119 121722 896800 Wreck 20 x 5   Shipwreck with cabin and boiler room surviving. Shipwreck "Pisces"
SPY120 121770 896787 Ramp 5 x 2   Crude, stone built ramp leading down towards the sea
SPY121 121612 896832 Jetty 8 x 1.2   Stone built jetty, reaching maximum height of 0.60m
SPY122 121552 897924 Slipway 15 x 5   Two lines of stones forming slipway. Coordinates are approximate due to inaccessibility
SPY123 121506 897115 Quay 3 x 2   Quay standing to maximum height of 0.75m
SPY124 121546 896921 Jetty 14 x 2   Stone construction at base with concrete on top. Stands to maximum of 0.75m in height
SPY125 121301 897434 Slipway 15 x 4   Natural slipway. Wall thickness 1m
SPY126 120901 896966 Structure 7 x 5   Blackhouse with only turf remaining. Stones likely to have been removed for building elsewhere. Possible stream wall reveted into hillside to south and a modern fish farm/pier is also present. Concrete plinth present to north of site, which possibly once formed part of a jetty
SPY127 121428 896730 Quay 20 x 2.5   Constructed from stone and mortar topped with concrete. To west, stone steps overgrown with turf lead down from road
SPY128 121381 896873 Jetty 11 x 2   Drystone construction. Most of stones have been removed, possibly to construct wall on opposite side of harbour
SPY129 121352 896691 Wreck Unknown width x 20   Wrecked boat with engine and partial hull remaining.
SPY130 121288 896788 Structure 16 x 8   Wooden dilapidated fishing shed. Constructed from timber and corregated iron with a corrugated iron roof. Currently used for storing lobster pots, nets and trays. Stone wall lies to south of building, measuring in 0.5m x 2m. Anchor points set in concrete present to east. Fishing debris present in vicinity. Corrugated iron annex to north of structure, measuring 2m x 4m
SPY131 121273 896830 Platform 7 x 4   Reveted platform. Possible unloading platform and working area, located to north of SPY130. Metal ladder also present in vicinity. See photographs for SPY130
SPY132 121465 896799 Slipway 15 x 13   Natural slipway
SPY133 121505 896801 Jetty 4 x 1.5   Constructed from stone and concrete. Probably modern in date
SPY134 121494 896818 Quay     L-shaped quay. N/S axis 2m wide x 7m in length, E/W axis 2m wide x 6m in length. Anchor points present
SPY135 121486 896823 Slipway 10 x 5    
SPY136 121486 896868 Quay 15 x 3.5   Constructed from stone and mortar. Part of quayside is raised and measures 3.5m wide x 9m in length.
SPY137 121843 896795 Steps 4 x 2.5   Constructed from stone with concrete on top. Possibly the beginning of a jetty. reveted walkway leads off around the bay
SPY138 121768 896858 Wall 8 x 2.5   Possible breaker wall
SPY139 121715 896872 Quay 36 x 25   Quay at head of natural inlet used to shelter boats. Wall at western end constructed from drystone and has further wall reveted to west, measuring 2m in width x 5m in length. Noost present at NE end
SPY140 121538 897193 Wreck 20 x 4.5   Wreck of boat.
SPY141 121519 897186 Quay 6 x 1.5   Stone quay
SPY142 121488 897172 Boat     Concrete boat called the Cretetree
SPY143 122241 897022 Slipway 20 x 10   Natural slipway with large boulders which have been moved to create semi-formal edges
SPY144 122482 897007 Structure 10 x 5   Stone and turf structure. Wall height 0.75m and wall thickness 1m. Linked to bay (SPY145)
SPY145 122485 897042 Slipway 80m in width   Bay used as a slipway defined by linear stones. South end has more formal slipway measuring 4.5m wide and 15m in length along the cliffside
SPY146 124665 894794 Quay 26 x 19   Modern concrete overlying earlier stone quayside. Metal winch also present. Located in the bay to the west of the Eilean Glas lighthouse
SPY147 123737 896549 Lazybeds 20 x 10   Area of cultivation situated within a small cove
SPY148 124455 895578 Structure 3 x 2   Structure overlayed with turf. Located on W side of natural slipway. Possible bothy