Historical Photographic Record
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Notes on the photographs (below)
by Donald Ewen McKinnon

1. Agate (left), Jasper (right)
Here the agate is pared up with the Jasper at North Harbour. There is an old pier here, just below the main road outside the school. The curing station is visible in the background. Said to have worked on this boat: Iain Beag Tharmoid, Angus MacLennan, Aonghas Aonghas Dhomnuill, Kenneth Morrison (Ceann a bhaigh), Murchadh Chaoinnich Mhurchaidh, Murdo MacLeod.

2. Am Punt (the small boat)
Donald MacKay may be in this photo.

3. Amity
Very little known about this photo. Judging by the boat type, the photo could be between 50-80 years old.

4. Angus MacSween
5. Angus MacSween
6. B A Mhoir Carry
7. B A Mhoir Grave
8. Bella Maggie
Belonged Aonaighs Beag Dhomhnauill (Bigan). Pictured, in probably the 1960’s, are John MacDonald (‘the blonde’) on the left, and quite possibly Angus MacLennan, seeing as it was his boat. There was another Bella Maggie registered in 1913 under an Angus MacLennan, who was perhaps Angus’s father or grandfather.

9. Brittania I
This picture shows a large number of people aboard the Brittania. It could have been on the occasion of a funeral, but most said it would have been on a Monday of the ‘communion weekend’ when visitors left Scalpay, having attended a weekend of church services.

10. Callum Alasdair Mhoir (left)
11. Calum Alasdair Mhoir
12. Calum Alasdair Mhoir, MacLeod
13. Carry (recent)
14. Champion
15. Chaucer
Domhnaill Aonaghais (MacSween). Also had a boat called ‘Catriona’ He and his family manned this boat. In the picture of South Harbour (68), the Chaucer is the middle boat, and if one zooms in on the boat’s number it is apparent that it is a C.Y and not an S.Y number. Kenneth MacKay, Village, confirmed that the boat was a C.Y, registered in Castlebay, Barra. When the new ferry started running from Scalpay to Kyles Scalpay the MacSweens sold the boat and joined ‘Cal Mac’ to run the ferry.

16. Domhnall Alasdair Mhoir
The fishermen Donald and Callum MacLeod, or Balaich Alasdair Mhoir [the sons of big Alasdair] were very successful fishermen. One of the fishermen I met on my visit to Scalpay, Donald MacLeod who lives next to the post office, said he a very interesting diary or logbook which belonged to those men. He said he couldn’t find it at the time but that he would search for it and give it to us for the benefit of the project if he found it. This diary detailed things such as the weather, the catch etc, which would be invaluable to such a study as this, seeing as they kept very accurate records.

Most of the fishermen I visited had a laugh when they saw Donald steering the boat seeing as it was his brother Callum that did all the work. Sure enough, in most of the photos Donald is steering and Alasdair is busy doing something more demanding. They had two, one photo depicts the longer of the tow boats, used for fishing. The shorter of the two used for lobsters etc. They used to tow the smaller of the two boats behind the larger. They slept in the larger at sea. The small boat was used to get into the nooks and crannies of the bay, to access their creels, where the larger boat [the Champion] couldn’t get to. Latterly Norman MacLeod and James MacLeod (Seumas, Tharmoid, Mhurachaidh Bhic) owned the Champion and transported passengers to and from Tarbert, and for the post office.

17. Fiery Cross
Included this photo to highlight the hazards of fishing in and around Scalpay. There are many and treacherous reefs all around the Island, but the local fishermen have a near perfect knowledge of them. A Stornoway based vessel, The Fiery Cross, on this occasion is the victim of the sea.

18. Fishing nets, North Harbour
Now the location of the Scalpay Hall, probably early 1900s
19. Fohann (Finlay Morrison)
20. Glas Island (recent)
The Glas Island boats were merchant vessels owned by Roderick Cunningham.
21. Glas Island (old)
This photo can be dated between 1946-1949 as this is when the building of church took place. Although this the boat pictured is not a fishing boat, it’s an interesting photo. A human chain can be seen from the boat, each individual passing bricks all the way to the top of the hill. This can be dated somewhere between 1946-9.

22. Golden Rule
23. Golden Rule and the Loch Mor at Cuddy Point
24. Hero
25. Hopeful.
26. Hopeful.
27. Ivy.
Left to right in photo: Donald Ian, John Angus MacLeod, Dollan MacKay, Norman MacLeod.
28. Vessels.
Left to right: Yacht (Rev Ferguson), White Rose, Surf, Dafodil, Agate? The Surf was not a fishing vessel, but some have said that many fishermen learned to fix engines on this boat.

29. Longboat.
This was another boat that Donald and Callum owned at one point. In this photo ‘Longboat’ the boat is being used to transport water from the well at Scalpay village, near the post office, to Ardnakillie, as there must have been a problem with the well there (Donald MacKay). The men are holding buckets.

30. Maid of Harris.
In this photo it appears that are being transported from Scalpay. Reasonable assumptions could be that it was on the Monday of a Communion weekend or for a funeral.

31. Maid of Harris crew.
32. Vessels.
33. Vessels.
34. Fish gutting
Morag Ruaridh Mhurchaidh and Sine Ruaridh at Cuddy Point.
35. Morea Tarbert
36. Murdo and Calum MacSween (Dhomhnuill na Banntraich)
37. Newspaper cutting (left) 1972
38. Newspaper cutting (right) 1972
39. Margot?
Norman, Angus, John, Ewen ?
40. North harbour.
41. North harbour.
42. North harbour boats.
43. Remembrance.
44. Scalpay Isle
This looks like either people returning from a funeral or coming for a Communion weekend.
45. Scalpay Isle.
46. Scalpay Isle.
47. Scalpay Isle.
48. Scalpay Isle.
49. Scalpay Isle.
50. Scalpay Isle.
51. Scalpay Isle
At the Shiants.
52. Scalpay Isle IV.
53. Scalpay Isle.
Second from left
54. Scalpay Isle and the Loch Mor
55. Sapphire.
56. Unknown boat
57. Unknown (Glasgow)
58. Unknown men at North Harbour(?)
59. Unknown vessel with clear number
60. Unknown women
61. Village Maid and R. Cunningham
Shared between brothers: John, Donald, Dollan. The boat was manufactured by John Nobles of Girvin, near Ayr. In this photo half the men are in in suits and half in togs posing for a national newspaper covering developments in the European market or legislation regarding fishing. Some of the men were at that meeting on that day, but it was also the day that Kenneth MacKay’s father-in-Law, his Wife Jessie’s father, was buried, which dates this photo to May, 1971.

62. Village Maid launch
63. Village Maid (Kenneth MacKay)
Meeting day
64. Vine
65. Virgin, Golden Rule, Celerity
The Virgin belonged to Callum Dhomhnuill, MacSween, the late Dollaidh Challum Dhomhnuill’s father. These were South harbour boats

66. William MacKinnon and Co
67. Two fishermen
68. South Harbour 1930-50s

Supporting Photographs for above notes

1 Agate (left),
Jasper (right)

2 Am-Punt

3 Amity

4 Angus-MacSween

5 Angus-MacSween

6 B-A-Mhoir-Carry

7 B-A-Mhoir-Grave

8 Bella-Maggie

9 Brittania

10 Callum alasdair
Mhoir (left)

11 Calum Alasdair

12 Calum-Alasdair

13 carry recent

14 Champion 1

15 Chaucer

16 Domhnall

17 Fiery Cross

18 Fishing-nets

19 Fohann
(Finlay Morrison)

20 Glas-Island

21 Glas Island

22 Golden Rule

23 Golden Rule,
The Loch Mor

24 Hero

25 Hopeful

26 Hopeful and co

27 Ivy

28 L to R Yacht
(Rev Ferguson)

29 Longboat

30 Maid of Harris
R. Cunningham

31 Maid of Harris

32 Misc boat

33 Misc-boats

34 Morag Ruaridh
Mhurchaidh and
Sine Ruaridh
(Cuddy Point)

35 Morea Tarbert

36 Murdo & Calum
na Banntraich)

37 Newspaper
cutting left

38 Newspaper

39 Norman, Angus,
John, Ewen

40 North

41 North

42 North
Harbour boats

43 Remembrance

44 Scalpay-Isle

45 Scalpay-Isle

46 Scalpay-Isle

47 Scalpay-Isle

48 Scalpay-Isle

49 Scalpay-Isle

50 Scalpay-Isle

51 Scalpay-Isle
at the Shiants

52 Scalpay

53 Scalpay-Isle
2nd from left

54 Scalpay Isle
2 & Loch Mor

55 Sapphire

56 Unknown boat

57 Unknown

58 Unknown

59 Unknown
with clear

60 Unknown

61 Village Maid
R Cunningham

62 village-maid

63 Village-Maid

64 Vine

65 Virgin
Golden Rule

66 William
and co

67 Two fishermen

68 South Harbour

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