Harris Tweed Touring Exhibition
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Harris Development Limited (HDL) has been working for some years to try and raise funds for a Harris Tweed Centre to be built in Tarbert.

In recent years this focussed on an application for funds from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) to build the Harris Tweed Centre. This, until recently, was progressing well, with concept design and economic modelling studies, commissioned with HIE assistance, demonstrating that a viable operation could be created.

As you may already be aware from previous press coverage, HIE have suffered considerable constriction in their funding of late, and have therefore informed HDL that whilst they are still committed to seeing the Harris Tweed Centre project come to fruition, they will not be in position to fund the build for the next 3-5 years.

However, funds had already been secured by HDL from the Heritage Lottery Fund to create an exhibition on Harris Tweed. The availability of that funding is time limited, and HDL is keen to do its bit to support the growth of the Harris Tweed industry now.

It is proposed that HDL will work with the Harris Tweed Authority to create a touring exhibition which will be used to reach potential audiences and buyers worldwide, commencing a tour in 2010 and ultimately finding a permanent home in the Harris Tweed Centre in Tarbert.

We are very fortunate to have access to Ian Lawson’s stunning photography portfolio which we intend to use as the backbone to the exhibition, alongside fashion and interiors shots, the fabrics themselves and finished products.

The exhibition will be designed in a modular form so as to be capable of travel as a whole or for core parts to be taken to short-term trade fairs, for the fashion and textiles sectors, but also in the promotion of tourism and Scottish industries more generally.

It is proposed that the exhibition will travel to the fashion capitals of the world, and not only to the locations of the traditional overseas market for the cloth, but to new territory to raise awareness in potential markets. It will also travel throughout Britain, including venues in the islands.

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